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What is Totalisator?

Totalizator (or simply, Tote) is a regular express stake consisting of 10-15 sports events. To win the main prize, you need to correctly guess all the events. Almost nobody guesses all the sports events, that’s why every Tote has a millionth accumulative jackpot. However, unlike the classic multi bet, the loss of 1 stake here does not lead to the loss of the entire bet. It is enough to guess a certain number of outcomes to get your part of the winnings. The exact number is set by the organizer and can be seen in the rules for the totalisators. There are several ways to increase your chances of winning. One of the most popular strategies is insurance. If the player is not sure about one or more results, you can play it safe and make an additional stake.

What is the essence of the Insurance strategy?

The player calculates the probabilities of the sports outcomes indicated in the draw. Most often there is an opportunity to gamble on the victory of the hosts, guests or a draw. If there is any doubt about an outcome, two or three results may be noted. This can be repeated in several sports matches. It should be taken into account – each such mark increases the final rate by the amount of the initial one. Basically, you are submitting multiple coupons with different options.
If we draw parallels with standard stakes, then “Insurance” in the totalisators is a kind of the classical system that allows the player to secure himself against losing stakes.
Each coupon includes several combinations of stakes. Indicating multiple outcomes in one or more matches is insurance. The choice of two results is semi-insurance, the choice of three possible outcomes is full insurance.

Can you win on the Tote?

The “Insurance” strategy is just an opportunity to hedge against 1 or 2 bets, in the outcome of which there are doubts. It is impossible to place a bet on all possible results: there may be tens of thousands of them.
The betting game should be approached the same way as usual sports betting. It is necessary to assess the current state of the teams and their willingness to win, study the statistics of meetings and statistics of the tournament. A betting coupon most often includes outcomes from various sports disciplines and championships, so you need to at least briefly familiarize yourself with the nuances of each individual sports tournament, match and outcome.
Remember – you are not able to win everything. On some totalisators, the jackpot has been drawn for years. However, anyone can guess a certain number of outcomes and receive a bonus prize that exceeds the size of the average single bet.

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