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What is handicap betting?

It is necessary if two teams have to face each other in a sports battle, one of which is much stronger and more powerful than the opponent.
This term came to us from horse racing, when weaker horses were put a little forward at the start to give the race additional intrigue. Then it was a purely practical handicap, but now bookmakers offer it in a theoretical version, when players are asked to guess with what advantage one of the teams will win.

The traditional betting format assumes three possible outcomes of events, which means there are more chances of losing. Such gambling assumes only two possible scenarios, which increases the permeability of any bet. Forum is freely used not only in football matches, but also in many other sports: football, basketball, volleyball, tennis.

What are the features of handicap betting?

Such bets are very popular among the world bettors. The handicap maximizes interest in different matches, where leaders and weak teams usually meet. In addition, this option quite adequately considers the alignment of forces between the parties. The main advantages of this type of stakes are considered as follows:

  • Allows you to gamble on one of the teams thanks to the ability to play it safe.
  • Asian handicap allows you to bet on one of the teams, which gives a good odds.
  • Convenience is considered in the presented number of matches, and not only to seek equal strength of the team.

If we consider the negative qualities of this strategy, then here we can distinguish a significant loss in indicators when gambling with the main handicap, which, as a result, may allow the issuance of a handicap. For example, if a player invested in a team’s victory, then you can win not in a double format, but much more. Another negative side is the psychological factor that appears during the game. It is possible that in this case a zero handicap may form.
Another important factor may be the rate at a certain distance. If a player constantly chooses a handicap with additional reinsurance, but at any time he can expect to receive a refund. But in this case, you can burn out as much as possible from the psychological point of view, especially if the player has been preparing for a new outcome of the match for a long time, and the result was unexpected.

Is such betting profitable?

To consistently win, you need to follow all the same recommendations as for other types of bets. It is important to carefully prepare for each match, analyze all its smallest details, adhere to your chosen strategy (if any), know when it is better to stop and when, on the contrary, you can continue playing.

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