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Covid-19 outbreak at a sports bar in Cambridge

A Covid-19 outbreak was recently confirmed at Junior’s Sportsbar and Grill in Cambridge. Most of the people who were there could easily have been infected with this disease. The Waterloo Health Authority recommends that all people who have been in this institution recently see a doctor and take a Covid-19 confirmation test. Or, if you have no symptoms, it is worthwhile to self-isolate for a certain period.
The Health Department said there was an outbreak at Junior’s Sportsbar and Grill in Cambridge. There, five employees were diagnosed with the disease. Also, most workers infected with Covid-19 have not been vaccinated.
A week after the incident with this sports bar, another case of the disease emerged. As a result of the outbreak of Covid-19 in a sports bar, according to the latest information, six people fell ill.
The Health Department says that such a high incidence in one location could also be caused by contacts between infected people outside the sports bar. That is why the authorities recommend every person who has visited a sports bar and feels a deterioration in their health to see a doctor. In this case, you can avoid the spread of the disease and limit yourself only to so many sick people.
The sports bar closed voluntarily, and employees of the institution worked with the health department to achieve a faster recovery.

Source: CBC

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