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Shooting in a sports bar in Texas

Police in Longview, Texas, arrived on a shooting call outside one of the local sports bars. The police launched an investigation into this case, after all, as a result of the shooting, one person was injured. She had to be quickly hospitalized to avoid any health complications. Now the patient’s condition is stable, nothing threatens his life, but the police opened a criminal case on this matter.
On Saturday, around midnight, a shooting occurred at the local sports bar, Lodge & Billiards, located at 63 Spur Street, which ended in injury to one of the people. So the police immediately reacted to this event and almost immediately arrived at the scene of the shootout.
After the police arrived at the scene of the crime, they noticed that one of the victims was injured. As a result of the shooting, one person received a gunshot wound. That is why the police were forced to immediately call an ambulance and take the victim to the nearest hospital. So far, this person’s life is not in danger and he is quickly recovering.
The shooter disappeared from the sports bar even before the police arrived, so law enforcement agencies urge anyone who knows the whereabouts of the offender to immediately report to the police. Also, detectives collect all possible information to reveal the identity of the offender and punish him.

Source: KETK

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